delft & THe hague tour

2 amazing cities in one guided tour

Fantastic day trip with 2 historic cities

A perfect day trip from Amsterdam with a discovery of the beautiful historic cities. You can start the tour in Delft or The Hague and we will  customize this to your wishes and plans. 

The Hague is the seat of our government with stately buildings and beautiful palaces. The tour in The Hague will focus on the historic part of the city, just a short walk from the main train station. Delft is well-known all over the world for it’s ceramics and for being the birthplace of the painter Johannes Vermeer.  A small scale city center where all highlights are located.

Our guide will wait at the train station to give you a warm welcome and start the tour. When the tour in one city is finished, we will have a short coffee break and take the street car to go to the next city. This way you see a lot of the area and it gives you the opportunity to talk about Dutch culture with our guide. 

local experienced guide

We bring history back to life and give a fresh look at life in both cities

use of public transport

We will use a streetcar to travel between the cities. The ticket price is €4,00 p.p. and not included. Our guides are also available for guiding with touring car.


We can arrange coffee & Dutch apple pie for you or a traditional Dutch lunch or dinner. Feel free to inquire about the options.

price tour:

4 HOURS: € 149,50 incl 21% VAT
max. 15 persons per guide for the best experience


special autumn deal

20% discount on 90 minutes guided tour

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