life of our founding father in Delft William the Silent

dive into the history of the dutch house of orange

Immerse yourself in the life of William of Orange, famously known as William the Silent. He is seen as ‘The founder of The Netherlands’. William spent his final years in Delft until his tragic assassination in 1584. Since that pivotal moment, Delft has maintained a profound connection with the House of Orange. Our guide will tell tales of his life in 16th-century Delft, unveiling key locations linked to the Dutch Royal Family. Join us as we traverse through history and explore the enduring legacy of William of Orange in the charming city of Delft.

Choose to explore the New Church, which serves as the resting place for the House of Orange. Inside, marvel at the mausoleum dedicated to our Founding Father. Our guide will provide insights into the royal burial traditions and the significance of the church monuments. Additionally, depending on your budget, you may like to visit the Museum Prinsenhof Delft. This was the Residence of  the Prince and, tragically, where he was shot in the year 1584.

local experienced guide

We bring history back to life and give a fresh look at the life of Prince William the Silent.

Optional visit New church & Prinsenhof

Visit Museum Prinsenhof (€13,50 p.p.) or New Church (€ 8,50 p.p.) incl guided tour.

price private guide

90 minutes: € 78,50 excl. 21% VAT
€ 17,50 for every extra half hour