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Our company

StadsgidsDelft has been active in Delft for more than 10 years and consists of a team of enthusiastic and professional guides, who bring the history of the city back to life. We want your visit to be an experience, because it is not just a city of old stories. We give you a good look at daily life in the always bustling university city with its cozy cafes, nice restaurants and attractive shopping streets. This gives you a good and complete picture of the beautiful city. With our years of experience and personal approach, we provide a tailor-made experience for every customer in Delft.

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Our guides

We are proud of our team of professionals who are always available to share a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Stadsgids Randy

Randy Boerboom

national gids /cruise director

languages: NL / ENG

Every year I enjoy my trips to faraway destinations. The introduction to different cultures, traditions and customs has broadened my view of the world. I would like to give tourists in my own country the same experience. That is why I founded ‘StadsgidsDelft’ in 2010. My aim is to provide programs that are a good mix of history and culture. As National Guide and Cruise Director, it is a pleasure to guide tourists through the Netherlands and let them enjoy our country … even when it rains, because that is part of our culture! In my spare time I enjoy reading, music and gardening. As a vegetarian, nothing tastes better to me than the cultivated fruit and vegetables from my own garden. Hope to welcome you soon in Delft!

Stadsgids André

André van de Vooren

local guide / tour leader


I studied Tourism and Spanish and worked in various positions in Tourism and as a subject teacher, study coach and internship coordinator at various colleges. Traveling is my elixir of life and I like to share my knowledge and experience about long journeys and foreign cultures with other people. Currently I supervise group tours in Africa, Latin America and walking and city trips in Europe. When I am in the Netherlands, I show people from home and abroad my “own” country and then work as a city guide in the cities of Leiden, Delft and The Hague. My other hobbies are reading, outdoor sports, running and football and I am also a passionate film and jazz fan.

Stadsgids Sylvia

Sylvia Westerhof

national gUIdE


In 2004 I actually accidentally rolled into guiding work. In the beginning with city walks through the center of Delft. But soon also guided tours in the Old & New Church and the former Army Museum. Since 2010 I work as a tour guide and museum teacher in the Museum Prinsenhof Delft, where can hear and learn about William the Silent and the Dutch Revolt. I received so many requests for guiding in other cities that I registered for the National Guide course in Amsterdam, with The Hague as my final exam assignment. Many cities, museums and attractions are now familiar terrain.

Stadsgids Joop

Joop Derks

local GUIDE / coordinator TU Delft


I studied history at RU Utrecht and I am 100% ‘Delvenaar, as we locals say. The past 40 years I have taught history at secundary and higher education schools. In addition to providing guided tours in Delft and The Hague, I am currently also coordinator of E-exams at the Technical University in Delft. In addition to city walks, I give lectures on historical and current topics. My guided tours in Delft and The Hague are focused on fun and information. As hobbies I have reading, traveling, Netflix and jazz.

Stadsgids Peter

Peter Hoogendoorn

local guide


Since 2010 I am working as a local guide in beautiful Delft. What started as a hobby grown into a job as a full-time city guide. Delft is my hometown and as a real ‘Delvenaar’ I like to tell you about the history and life in the city. I like to walk, cycle, step or sail with you through the beautiful historic center of Delft. Besides Delft, I  also give guided tours in The Hague and Rotterdam. My hobby is not only history, but I also like fitness and sailing, which you can do perfectly in Delfland. Hope to welcome you in my city soon.

Stadsgids Hans

Hans Nieuwpoort


I was born in Delft and lucky to live there since. For work I had the pleasure travelling around the world and visited many different countries with even more beautiful places. Most times there was somebody available for telling me the local stories and showing me the highlights of the city in short time given. It will be my pleasure and honour to show you all the  highlights of my city and will try to select the best local stories for you to make it an unforgettable visit.


Hopefully we will see you in Delft soon