a tasty dutch discovery food tour Delft


You can a country’s essence through its cuisine! Ever dreamt off experiencing a day as a Dutch local? Look no further – this extraordinary tour is tailored just for you. Accompanied by our knowledgeable local guide, you’ll stroll through the historic heart of Delft, exploring its highlights. At various stops along the way, you will sample typical Dutch snacks and foods, each with its own story about our eating culture. To cap off this journey in Delft, we included a tasty local beer. An ideal group excursion for your international guests to relish Delft and experience the charm of the Netherlands.


€ 32,50 p.p. excl. 21% VAT
Minimum of 6 persons


- All Dutch food surprises
- Fun local guide
- Guided tour of Delft

program - DURation: 2 hours

- Duration of tour depending size group
- Select your own starting time